Saturday, July 12, 2008

How to wean yourself . . . . .

How to wean yourself from the propagandistic pabulum touted by Skippy Goebbels (a.k.a. Mass Media News).

A good way to begin is to go to any web page that lists the latest “News” items.

Now, read the first word of each line AND ONLY THE FIRST WORD.

At Yahoo this day the words are – North – Tony – Crews – Road – U.S. – Man – Boy –and that will be all you’ll ever need to know that Skippy Goebbels is EVER going to tell you.

EXAMPLE: This week on C BS’ “60 Minutes” the heavily promoed question has been
A. “Is Faith In God and/or Satan A Portent Of Alzheimer’s Disease?”
B. “What Makes David Beckham Special?”
C. “Did The Soviet Union Want The U. S. To Invade Korea?”
and the correct answer is.....B.

If you could NOT read only one word you may begin your brains' rewiring, for a slightly less controlled by others’ mean memes, with a listen, or two or 500, to moi’s wee “XX CS.”


just dig this, moi’s latest CD cover parody.
It came about while wonderful WifeyWu and moi t’were perched on the porch and WifeyWu spoke the line ‘crack of dawn’.

Here is the original CD cover

Here’s moi's latest parody which would get a higher Neilson Rating on CBS than that soccer guy done gets, I bets ya, I bets ya so, yep, moi bets.

BTW: The “Crack” is from the old Coppertone billboard ad that appeared from sea to shinning sea.

And don't forget that BIG comedy "60 Minutes"'s
finish with Handy Looney.

I hav-ta go now soooooooooooooo

Stay on groovin’ safari,

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