Thursday, May 15, 2008

Praise His name.....

.....and His name is Welk.

Moi hast been tellin' WifeyWu for years that Lawrence Welk was a danged ole Hippie (Who could 'sell it to them' royalélly) and methinks that this here must be proof.

Did you notice the wee hackin' (It must-a been harsh) during the intro and how about them thar grass green jackets the band has on not to mention the butterfly on the young lady's dress. There could be more clues.....can you spot any?

Stay on groovin'
(Moi ain't been over the line since '81 but moi didst dig 'it' but not the people I had to endure to get the 'super it' I had grown, errrrrrrrr.....I had become accustomed to)
Stay on groovin' safari,

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