Sunday, April 13, 2008

and that's the way it 'tis, t'was and t'will be

Today on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” the question t’were broadcast – “What quality makes for a great leader”?
[That may not be an exact quote but it IS, de facto, the question]

When moi heard this I responded – “The ability to make the commoners believe that you’re going to lead them someplace, any place, that they have not been at before.”
This is, of course, based on a historical perspective and therefore unknown to the masses unlike the latest listing of celebrity weddings and box scores
[The world leaders stand, in unison, and shout “Hooray, hooray!”
This takes place ONLY behind the curtain.]

This is hardly a new observation but moi’s wording amuses moi. There is an old, very old, saying that goes – “Here comes the brand new same old thing, again” hence moi’s determined position that there have been approximately 500 others just like moi down through the ages.

Stay on groovin’ safari,

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