Sunday, March 30, 2008

Andy Rooney’s DIRTY Words

Well, since Mr. Rooney talked, I believe last week, about what he would want to happen if’in he has a heart attack and I know what did happen when moi had a, one of many – so far, heart attack I’ll comment on his “60 Minutes” remarks of this eve.

Mr. Rooney spoke of “Dirty Words.”

A few years ago WifeyWu and moi were takin' a college speech class and one project required a physical demonstration. If’in moi remembers correctly I did the scoring of a mushroon as a gourmet garnish. Anywho, just to fill in the time while peeling and carving the fungi (background music/sound) I recited one of moi’s lill poems/experiments, and it went like this.....

“Daisy Duck and Donald Duck
got out of a truck
and started to f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-FLY!”

What is amazing was that ONLY one-half of the class gasped in shock at the word – FLY.

So, Mr. Rooney, where is the “Dirt,” really? Is it in this ‘grunt’ or that ‘snort’? In a certain ‘growl’ or a
high-pitched 'whimper'? No, Mr. Rooney, none of those vibrations hold the key to the “Dirt.” The “Dirt,” the well maintain dirt, on the bejeweled alter of childish shame, fear and CULTure's conditioning, ‘twas, ‘tis and, regrettably, t’will be betwixt the ears of those so incurably afflicted by our CULTure.

Stay on groovin’
(Learnin’ to type with 20% less right-hand)
[Does this mean future, if any, masturbation will take 20% longer?]
{It's somewhat amusing now.....wondering if'in moi shall live long enough to finsh a posting or roll of toilet paper}

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