Monday, July 24, 2006

"EU to continue stem-cell research funding"

“EU to continue stem-cell research funding”is a headline on Yahoo right now.

Well, ddddddduh, of course!

They veto it in the U. S. of A. because They are
rich and will fly-off to Europe and have
private stem-cell treatments ANYTIME
They wish.

Do you funk-nutz have any idea how many
aborted fetuses were being pumped into
Ronnie Raygoon everyday?
Man-O-Day, that is scary, though.
I was 100% SURE that They would be able
to keep Veggie Reagan farting till the
carcass turned 100 years, yet.....They could not!

Meanwhile, on average, 55% of employees whose
jobs are primarily connected with the operation of
American hospitals have NO health insurance.

Meanwhile some moronic toadie readin’ this, and
making six figures a year, will be sending out
Skippy Goebbels reporters to do a story on ‘hospital
workers without health insurance’.

Stay on Groovin’ (DNA Jungle) Safari,

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