Friday, March 03, 2006

South Park, TOO MUCH FOR

Well, anywho, this is the post by moi that was locked and hidden, to all but moderators, at the official Comedy Central, South Park BBS boards.

C Episode

The 100th South Park was a work of true wondrous magnificence, as most are too.

To portray Ben Franklin as a manipulative schemer was totally accurate.
I mean heck, when Bennie wrote “A penny saved is a penny earned” he
ONLY was giving solstice to the slave traders whose monies could be considered
‘Honorably earned’ as long as they saved the pelf for a while.
Well, not all the Founding Drunken Mater Fornicators we’ve, at one time or the other,
in the slave trade/imprisonors.
I’m pretty sure one or two weren’t.

BTW: If you don’t like me not liking the empire why don’t you get out
orrrrrrrrrrrrr better yet why doesn’t the U. S. of A. invaded Iran and send
you out, yeah, that’s cool.
That’s why I’m all for the war.
Get those phuck heads the phuck out.
Crap, Siberia would look good as part of the U. S. of A.’s empire.
Syria too....yeah, that should get rid of a couple hundred thousand more morons.

Anywho, back to the 100th episode.
It was sooooooooooooo cool when the American Human DNA was shown to
be exactly the same as that in ANY empire that did, does or will exist on
the salty ball of mud - Earth.

The conservatives use 2000 degree napalm while the liberals employ the
1999.9 degree napalm.
Oh yeah, big difference.
As was stated at the episode’s end “...I hate this town” and am lookin’ forward
to the sweet glory when moi’s death destroys ALL the creeps, lowlifes and
After all, the ONLY thing wrong with the U. S. of A. is that
it does not exist.
A place with “Liberty and justice for all,” who wouldn’t love that?
I would.
The only thing wrong with America, it doesn’t exist.

You may now return to your Cheesy Poofs, but, I get the Snacky Cakes.
I’m FonDaMax of them there Snacky Cakes.
However, I DO prefer the peanut butter filled chocolate guns over the marshmallow centers.
I like ‘em mixed in with vanilla ice cream.

“When in the course of humans events one penis must rise......”
“A entire country based on saying one thing and doing another.”

Well, I would’ve left The Empire except if-in I’d gone from the U. S. of A. I’d be in a place where I didn’t have any Constitutional Rights or Civil Liberties (Beyond what folk had in ancient Athens or Rome) and I’d be a fool to move for that.
Heck, I’ve got ALL OF THAT right here all ready.

Oh yeah, here’s moi’s latest lill’ parody.
Its last review (Of only two, so far) is from Denver, Colorado and I found that mildly amusing.|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSkaVexYWA

Soooooo remember, according to Ben Franklin,
a profit from any vile deed saved
is a profit EARNED.

Oh yes, and all Catholic Nuns should be from this day forth
be known as Hey Zeus Poos.

So now it is time for me to leave this web site.
*TOR begins waving arms and backing away from the monitor*
Goodbye, thanks for the brilliant humor.
I now cease with the sweetly anticipated oblivion.

Stay on Groovin’ Safariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

DAMN IT !!!!!!!!!"


What’s REALLY funny is that “Their” beloved rulers have a
lower opinion of “Them” than I do.

And that is that.

Stay on Groovin’ (Freakin’ the Freakers) Safari,

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