Saturday, March 11, 2006


If I should die before I post again.....


Gad, DNA existence is sooooooo mundanely meaningless.
Worthless quotidian crap designed to take the hoi poly’s wee
thought pattens from focusing on the ultimate reward, the 100% guaranteed
finale, oblivion, death.
That jumping around, once a year, in spÒÓk suits
(Halloween/Day of the Dead, etc)
does NOT take the edge off the totally
twisted DNA’s wretched functioning.

Humans continue their slaughter of each other just to take
their sickened, puny thoughts off the fact that they must cease to exist.

I would REALLY enjoy living in a civilized culture but
this perverse, predatory parody of civilization is a sad,
sanctimonious sacks of salty water haven and nothing more.

So anywho, having been born in ‘53 and now being 53 moi
thinks this would be a great time frame to die.
But then again.....what time, timelessness to be more exact, wouldn’t be?
Of course we will all die “NOW.”
Just not this now, but some now;
thus the end of now, the end of all, all that was, is or could’ve been, the end of endings.
Now that IS the good news.

Alas, I’m am such a cowardly hypocrite I probably don’t have the
gonads to blow my brans out; yeah, shotgun in the mouth would be a
grand means of ending.
Crap, I’m too poor to afford a shotgun.
Perhaps I should suck-up to the
powers-that-were-are-and-will-be (Mindless DNA) and go hunting with
Vice Emperor Cheney.

Anywho, I wearily rejoice in the knowledge the oblivion IS 100%
I feel a bit sad for the po’ fools that are enjoying life; how awful
that must enjoy something that you know MUST cease.
I feel vastly sad for the po’ decent people forced to live surrounded
by miserable scum-bags that scream in horrible writhing fear and
shame “I’m enjoying life” with the intoning of a
banshee in their voxs.
Oh well, all of them are worthless joe blow creeps
with egos far exceeding their intellect, as easily
replaced as a french fry at the local fast food joint.

Stay on Groovin’ (Heading toward oblivion) Safari,

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