Friday, November 11, 2005

Way down everywhere/every time yonder

All you good, kind folk will be glad to know that the New Orleans dwelling citizens of the U. S. of A., that were homeless before Hurricane Katrina, have been relocated.

They are now living in cardboard boxes beside the FEMA trailer parks that were
set-up for the formerly homed in New Orleans.

{Everybody sing}
*[Over their, over their, we will fight, we will fight, over their, over their oil, over their land, and we’ll never come back [en masse] 'cause it ain't ever over over there [thus, were it was, was it were, as it is and how it'll be with EMPIRE]*

Stay on Groovin’ (Proud to be in the universe / where at least there’s gravity) Safari,


This just in: The Committee For Human Health has just decreed that cardboard boxes are no place for American Citizens. Hence the CHH has immediately appropriated 200 million dollars to bulldoze the cardboard boxes into shreds.

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