Thursday, September 01, 2005

The   Empire's   True   Colors

The NBC Special Report just stated that the U. S. of A. (aka Bush/Clinton) has NOT accepted offers of vitally needed supplies from over 20 countries.

Well, I guess ole Bush don’t want them there folks to get all fat and lazy.
Heck, they’ll be all hopped-up on French water and English cheese.
Better that they have that good ole All American (105° heat index) AIR to eat.

I think George turned the aid down because the foreign countires would want people in NEED to get it and would expect to see ACCURATELY kept records.

There’s gold in them there starving people, but not if they get the stuff sent FOR them.

This IS the real, drunken, slave owning, indentured servant raping, prisons everywhere, bombing peaceful stone-age villages into ashes

crown thy good
with brotherhood
crown thy duplicitous collusion
with lawyers’ offices
from sleaze to shining sleaze.

Sooooo, what do see, brotherhood or law offices?

Stay on Groovin’ Safari,

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