Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cast your vote for the next BIG disaster!

What will it be?

Another hurricane?
A massive earthquake?
Yellowstone blowin’-up?
Tornados in Chicago?
Meteors hitting London?
Surgeons, from Vienna, goin’ mad and Hackin’-up dozens on the subway?
Vienna sausages laced with LSD and plutonium?
Ringo singin’ "Goodnight Vienna" over and over and over and over, ‘cause of peril his boyhood home is in, till we go mad (mad i say) and leap to our loverly oblivion?
The Vienna Boys Choir’s gonads rolling under a highspeed motorcade carrying daddy Bush,
slick Clinton and leaders of each EU nation (and Sting) causing a massive pileup resulting in the unfortunate deaths of all passengers which ultimately means.....a lot of rich ass wakes?

"The cause of the next BIG disaster will be ____?____"

Vote for:

  • a. earthquake
  • b. hurricane
  • c. meteor
  • d. giant deadly mantises
  • e. moderately large, extremely rude, drunk mantises with canker sores
  • f. voodoo
  • g. all the money being spent on voodoo houses instead of sane defenses/precautions
  • f. voodoo (Wow, voodoo sneaky, ain’t it? Nope.)
  • h. tsunami
  • i. billnami
  • j. georgenami
  • k. anything but suenami

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