Monday, August 29, 2005

Everyone     WILL     pay !

A C-BS news reporter proclaimed today that: “Everyone WILL pay for this hurricane.”

Well, will everyone make a HUGE profit from it?

The Oil Folk already have and the Red Cross will be there grabbin’ billions and handing out
toothbrushes and purple fingernail polish.
(I worked at the Red Cross for over three years)

BTW: Everyone in the U. S. of A. (Payin' a phone bill) has and IS paying for the Spanish American War.
Yep, in 1898 the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Empire enacted a tax on telephones and it ain’t been done away with since.

As I understand it, there are two bills in Congress, right now, (H.R. 1898 and S. 1321) designed to undo the Remember The Maine levy.
Anywho, geeeee, only over a hundred years after that lill’ war ended.

I should be getting moi’s “Just compensation” long about when I’m a spry 157.

Say, you don’t suppose someone, who stood to profit from the U. S. kickin’ Spain’s primitive Navy’s butt, may have paid someone to, ohhhhhhhh I don’t know, put a timed explosive device in the Maine’s coal bins, now do you?

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, impossible, what with all these “Lucky miracles” like hurricanes and earthquakes.
Wait a sec, Daddy Bush said natural disasters, like tsunamis, don’t done do happen in the U. S. of A.
I’m sure Jebacanezar agreed as he went-off to lend aid to the tsunami victims (Big help - no doubt), his own state in perfect, non-ravaged condition.

They were, are and will be -

And every and/or anything will never change that for the vast majority of the extremely twisted chemical process.....DNA.

Soooooo, play-on that you're doin' some good by placating the wretched, vile sons and daughters of our father/mother Pond Scum, hallowed be thy farting of oxygen.

Stay on Groovin’ Safarii,

Coming soon (perhaps): TOR's Living Will

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