Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Reverend Ozzy Osborne   &   Tubular Pope

TOR Hershman

Give Schiavo and Pope Johnny Paul II an IV (That’s I. V. - not 4 - dang Romans) of morphine ‘cause that’s about all that’s gonna alleviate the pain, well, before the bio-machine shut-down.

I just viewed Ozzy on the Carson Daly show.
Man-o-day, hasn’t, isn’t and won’t Ozzy be just what the status quo wants, and knows, him to be..

I think Ozzy may be caught-up on his pain-killers, for a while.

Ozzy could, just about, replace most of the Sunday
mornin’ snake-oil preachers.
He’s got the crosses, he’s got the REALLY
untouched-natural lookin’ hair (Well, natural for the planet Revlon),
and he oft times rambles incoherently.

Hey, he and Jimmy Swaggart could team-up.
Jimmy, Jerry Lee Lewis’ cousin, is one heck of fine musician.

Yep, let the kids rock around the crock to musical horror shows while they’re young and many years later
(after the first pangs of mortality strike) they’ll
come a-runnin’ back to the church; ‘Oh, I’ve been bad, save me Zeus - praise Odin’.

Zeus ain’t doin’ such a good job with poor (Wealthy as all-get-out, really) ole Karol Wojtyla [a.k.a. Pope John Paul II].

Mr. Wojtyla tells you that the ‘Thought is the same as the deed’.
I don’t see him THINKING about getting tubes shoved in and down his various tubes.
He’ll also tell you that the cancer preventing, healthy exercise of human male masturbating is BAD!
Heck, not just bad, EVIL!
But, Mr. Wojtyla is 100% wrong about that.
Find out more at moi’s Yahoo adult church group
The Quest For The Holey Tail.

(You’ll need a Yahoo ID and be 18 +)

Anywho, as much as I’ve dug some of Black Sabbath’s music, much the same as Marilyn Manson or Wu Tang, they have, do and will continue to serve the Mass Media Mind Control Masters’ strategic agenda.

Mind control, not a vast nor particularly challenging task concerning most humans.
They ain’t gonna wander far if all the gates are left wide open.
A few would enjoy the jaunt though, throughly.

Jerry Orbach died for the Pope's piece of peace of mind.

Stay on Groovin’ Safari,
as best you can,

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