Saturday, August 29, 2015

West VirginiƩ

Free in West Virginiy...
I never visied The Moundsville Mound till this is MOST impressively cool.
If ya ain't never, ever been there I'd looks mighty fine.

I was most impressed with the fine art faces on their huge doll collection and the marbles mural is one of the finest light-hearted artworks this old ape has ever viewed.
It made me smile, widely so.

Climbing the mound is also most cool.
Also, I visited The Place Of Gold.
I was out there once, over 40 years ago, but @ that time it was
The Old Farm House And Barn NOT Of Gold
you never, ever, never, ever were in a barn that
didest arom sooooooooooooooooooooo well
for it was packed with incense and essential oils.

On my way there I stopped at a little store to ask directions
and the 5 or 6 local folks werer GREATLY concerned
that I would be killed, cooked and eaten if I went
to "That Krishna Place!"

I found their heartfelt concern to be MOST amusing.

On, my way out, I was going to get some incense as gifts for 'twas the
days before Christmas and as I drove I wondered, with a smile, if
they would have a Krishna Tree...
...there, much to my delight, was one .

Hit The Mound then Dairy Queen then The Place Of Gold and
you should have a great day and all, 'cept for your Blizzard,  FREE  .

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Universal Truth

One thing in this universe is,
    always    ,
an actual factual
  T R U T H 
...which is.....
if someone does something/anything for Tor,
they are not doin' it for........
the  inheritance.
Todays harvest/inheritance.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Factual Universe @ True Love . "."

I found this photo of the Potato Heads online,
which were placed by myself in that
(long abandoned)
window many moon ago,
which some person had taken, posted and ...
- correctly -
labeled as
"True Love."

 I was surprised that they "got-it;" that is exactly what I
placed those to represent.

The correct captioning inspired moi to.....observe moi's observations.
May your universe function 100% as you desire BUT...if mine HAD.....I doubt that I'd be as happy as I oft times am.

Disappointment can be unseen opportunity.

I gotta get REALLY busy for 'tis, almost, time to be Dad again, for awhile, and being Dad is most cool/done when I get/need to be Dad.