Sunday, March 30, 2014

Distant Signals

I had a great time
the Rush Tribute show
last night.
I do believe that the
Religious Authority
hast invaded my new hangin' zone.
If so, it wouldn't be the first time.
Last eve was the ONLY, numerO uno, unique happening for this old ape and that was...there were MORE dudes dancing than girls.

the RA have invaded,
more than likely, though.
those monkeys didn't interfere with this ape's boogalooin' & fruggin'
who cares?

Anywho, it was a fantastically fine show by
Distant Signals

Distant Signals -Click Here- Rush Tribute

Click pic to enlarge

Too bad her face WAS so reflective.

It was wonderful to have live songs which identify/glorify some of the
Dreamers & Misfîts
and I did dance my old arse off.

Here be me wee redo of
"The Little Bummer Boy."
New title, same old [too bad] song.

Stay on groovin' safari,

March 31 Update




Gad, I'm so old even me feet bottoms be wrinkled.

Click pic to enlarge

What a magnificent day, indeed!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Pant + Pant = (pair of) Pants


...I figured that this post would be
about my shirt's gonna be about me pants.

G A S P !

Though firstly, some yammerin' ramblin'.
Last eve I could've gone to one of two gigs.
I've been to a The Muddle show before and they are excellent.

The Muddle


"FaceBook - The Muddle

were @

Down On Main Street

My plans took my old self to that great venue...


...for an amazingly fine show by...





...and they were...



Now...The pants tales.

So, I'm sittin' in my usual spot.
This week I have a nice folding chair which one of
River City Ale Works'
fine employees cheerfully brought moi. Anywho, before the band begins I'm only sitting there, listening to me Mp3 Player, eyes closed when
all of a suddenly sudden
I feel a soft, warm drearier sit in me lap and arms go around my neck accompanied by much lovely scented hair in me face.
I hug back.
Then, me utters
"Nice to see you for the 1st time."
The young lady then stands and proceeds down the stairs.
I never saw her face but said posterior 'twere not only most thermo-ly pleasant and splendiferously supple it was also most well formed.
I hated to see her go BUT I enjoyed the view.
As she left I said...

"Thank You!"


if you're there, next week, for the
Tom Batchelor Band...

Tom Batchelor Band @ FaceBook


DO come and sit, @ least for a set.

Pity sitting and/or sex is fine.

Then I'm standin' while the band is playing.
They had fine F/Xing,
glow-sticks, balloons, etc.

So, as I'm there on the 4th or 5th stair I suddenly feel
most lightly and delicately touch my two legs and the tip of my penis.


I thought...

"...has the Mystery Girl,
I hoped
, returned


So, I looked down

Click pic to enlarge

The girl who inadvertently launched the
statically-charged balloon turned, looked toward the ceiling, looked down to my face...
(she was having a great time)
...looked lower, saw where the balloon had electromagnetically adhered and then she


as did her joyfully alerted did I.

Here's my first, attempted, selfie of the eve.
I had planned to go out on the floor for the shot but as I turned some folks had gathered, blockin' me, thus this photo of WELL lit pants.

A splendid time was had by all;
all that I surly viewed.

Speakin' of views,
the girl in the middle of this next photo could truly shake it. Note the guy is making sure to stake his claim, I don't blame him, à la digitally
(as in digits: organs for manipulation and sensory accumulation)


There was also this little blonde girl,
bottle in hand - beer over lips, who truly shook her stuff most excellently well

"I hope to have something most interestingly ebullient to live/write about next week, too."

Stay on groovin' safari,

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wreckingbar, Crystalline Noir & Galvanic Girl


Crystalline Noir

Galvanic Girl

The latest edition of


is here for ye to view.

Pretty cool, huh?


Click pic to enlarge

Stay on groovin' safari,

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rock & Roll, Bikini Girls (ehh, wot?) & the Fall of Rome

A mighty fine view last eve.

click pics to enlarge

Ya know, many folks have been told that it was decadence that lead to the fall of the
Western Christian Roman Empire
that was not the cause.

Heck, if anything decadence kept it from fallin' apart for a couple of centuries more than would've occurred if
other path had been pursued.

What truly destroyed
the western
Christian Roman Empire
good ole fashioned

Bigotry .

Here is a great full-length documentary entitled

"David Wants To Fly"

"David Wants To Fly" @ Link TV

If moi makes it to the Ring Girls Finals I'll update this post.

Stay on groovin' safari,


...but it ain't the Ring Girls one

Anywho, I went to the
Rock The Homeless
benefit show.
Three great bands, a goovin'




So, as moi 'tis walkin home,

this old couple...

(They must have been 20 years younger than I)

...came outta this bar

directly in my path.

Well, they both clearly saw me.

So, I say,

"Good evening folks,"

as moi briskly steps to the side to pass.

Then, they both jump!

Now...I am a big, old, spooky guy

and with the fictions that the

Religious Authority spread,

no wonder.....I'd jump too if I

did not know that

the RA is full-a bull & Bulls.

So, I then spake,

"Nice to scare you and nice to

be scared by you,"

I thought they may fall.

Then, homeward under a

fantastically clear sky.

Stay on groovin' safari,


& this is the
Ring Girls one

It was a splendid time @
River City Ale Works
last night -
February 28 .
Last night was the very of veriest first, yea verily, times that I ever sat & stood
and watched beautiful ladies
strut their stuff
while listening, via my MP3 Player, to the music that gives me the total groove.

Stuff indeed!

When I walked to River City I got pretty chilled, though I was properly dressed.
However, after three hours of
fantastically fine female frolicking...
...combined with the cheerfully crowded comradely...
...accentuated by the rhythmic bass boomin' through me body...
...well, I circuitously meandered homebound
without noticing the temperature.
I am still on a Natural High.

Seriously so

Me noggin' be a spinnin' in a most creatively and delighted manner.

Oh, speakin' of, somewhat, creative...this pic, from a Speed Challenge @ a photo web site,
got some amusing responses.
The idea is to take the posted photo, in this case - an old soldier,
and morph/manipulate it as ye do wish
and I did
as you can see.

Me sleep gift
to the world

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Bruno Day (Feb. 17)

Here's a poster, moi made, you may download and print.
Never heard of Giordano Bruno?
I wonder how that happened?
Oh, noooooo I don't!
Click the pics to enlarge
Ya know, a sovereign political state, such as Vatican City,
(Made an independent nation by Benito Mussolini)
that will not apologize for

a philosopher at the stake and is 100% opposed to democracy within its geopolitical borders
(Popes are absolute, fabulously wealthy, monarchs)

Vows of poverty while perched upon a gold throne seem a bit...well.....empty.
would be considered...oh, somewhat.....peevishly obtuse, IMO.
Anywho, that's enough, for now, bashin' of a multi-quadrillion dollar company, sooooo...
...and here's a great one, too...

...& me ancient Radio Tor Hershman
- hear what a $4.95 mic helped do -
for when your ears need Taken Down A Peg...

Here me be a shakin' it for the pic.
River City Ale Works
is one mighty fine venue.
I suggest the raspberry tea,'tis yummy."
The architecture reminds moi of post-modernism
merged with German impressionistic styleings.
I had the best seat, that's what she said (I wish), in the house, back on the steps with
the (superb) lighting director & his lady.
No one else was Wilted Flower Childlike
enough to join moi on the steps.

Truly they simply have better sense.
Oh, the 2nd and 3rd floors were closed.
River City Ale Works is a wonderful eatery for tourist and local alike.
The M-80s
Click Here for The M-80s
@ FaceBook

were so HOT,
the fire dept. had to show.
Really, the smoke machine was a bit too effectual,
five minutes and All Clear & back to the most groovin' sounds.

A unique happening may have occurred at the Rock Show.
During the performance one of the guys asks the audience...

" know what Grace loves?"

Not being a newbie to The M-80s concerts moi yelled...


He replied, "Yes, and do you know who
else loves Rock & Roll?"

"Me," moi retorted.

To which he elucidated...


For whomsoever else would a Rock Band
bother to correct their grammer?

I can't seem to obtain any satisfaction

Shalooooobe! See ya fine Blog Readin' Folk, hopefully, soon for another Groovin' Safari adventure.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A new year, look and attitude

...but firstly...Tor's last, till regrowth - anywho, hairy onscreen appearance via YouTube
...and now heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's new ancient Tor...
BTW click the pics to enlarge
...and now, Tor at the museum
...and now, an artsy fartsy selfie with curls
Here's HT in photo and film

BTW I've taken off another 15 lbs. since the zombie pic 'twere taken.

I can now fit into 34/34 jeans.

Yep, down to 190 (Jungle Weight) pounds.

Suppose moi made a fantasy comic-book and ______ ____?

It was a clear, brightly illuminated midday night.
That isn't too unusual above the Artic Circle where Dr. Tor Hershman, a longtime
employee of Astro-Artic Enterprises, was enjoying a cup of rooibos tea while viewing the most fantastically brilliant display of aurora-borealis that he, during his 34 years of northern employment,
had ever viewed.

Tor put down his empty cup, said adieu to his fellow midday graveyard-shift worker, and headed-out to
for his last nightly check of the radio antennas,
for you see...
Tor was about to retire and this was his last run.

Even though he'd been witness to thousands of northern light shows none could begin to match the intensely spectacular colors of this eve's display.
Of course, Tor, though amazed by the lights, had to make sure that the antennas were not being affected, too drastically, by this incredible discharge of solar radiation. Just as the snow-buggy approached Byrd's Hill, a white light appeared on the eastern horizon.

A shooting-star, most likely, which seemed to have Tor in its sights.
The illuminated missile flew directly above the vehicle's roof and seemed to impact just west of Byrd's Hill.
Tor radioed in that he was going to proceed, on foot, and investigate.
Upon finding the object he quickly realized that this visitor was no stranger... was returning home, to Earth.
The lettering, CCCP, was enough to let Tor, and anyone of similar years, know that this machine was from the old Soviet Union.

Perhaps a forgotten, or Top-Secret, satellite?
As Tor approached the still hot, though cooled considerably by the artic chill, spaceship...he noticed a blue glow which seemed to be increasing.
Could the satellite be nuclear powered?

The azure discharge said - YES!

Now, if this were an atomic reaction going critical there was no time to escape, Tor calculated.

There was only one thing to do, take action!

Tor always carried his
wrecking-bar with his standard work-belt.

He knew that the reaction could be stopped by simply moving the components, if they had not yet fussed, apart.

As Tor inserted his massive tool within the shining interior the night sky seemed to burst further into chromatic convulsions.
He applied all of his strength.

Just as the hues from sky and ground seemed to unite in unimaginable resonance...a vortex appeared to form about the iron-bar and man which splendiferously swirled and pulsated as if it were a tornado made of every firework every launched on Independence Day. Suddenly.....all power appeared to congeal upon the wrecking-bar and Tor.

All went dark.

Tor awoke, seven days later, at the general hospital in Juneau.

Astro-Artic Enterprise's VP of Human Relations was there and after the doctors finished said to Tor,
"Some guys will do anything to get an extra week's pay."

They laughed as people with a business bond oft times do but.....Tor, through "Fine as frog's hair," according to the head of oncology, had this strange felling.
He knew that he must return to the scene of the "Event."

Six weeks later, Tor arrived back at the frozen outpost for, so he said, a visit,
however...that evening.....he
made the trek, via his old buddy's snowmobile, back to the site which had now been enclosed thanks to a, most impressive,
Homeland Security fence.

As Tor sat there,
snowmobile purring...
his body began to tingle.
Suddenly, from underneath a snowbank there burst forth an intense blue light that flew toward Tor.
"Not again!" Tor thought and instinctively raised his hands to protect himself.


not "Hit"
but rather joined or incorporated with Tor's hand and entire being.
As he opened his eyes,
Tor beheld in his hand the wrecking-bar...shining as brightly as the aurora and satellite on that eventful night.
The manmade radioactive forces had somehow melded with the magnetically focused solar-power
and had merged with the nearest deposits of iron which happened to be the wrecking-bar and Tor's blood.

The satellite was made entirely of aluminum alloys and that area, of the northern lands, is most iron poor so bar and man were the only discharge areas.

Tor soon discovered that his wrecking-bar now had fantastic powers that he could control with his mind;
this he kept totally to himself.
The bar could impart the capacity to negate or increase the Earth's magnetic-field...hence - it gave one the ability to fly.
It could also generate a powerful electrical discharge - in other words - make controlled lightning.

Soon Tor discovered that even without his transformed tool he was also capable of generating these powers though at a much decreased level.
The bar could also to sent flying from and, after much practice, recalled by Tor.

Deciding to use these newly found capacities to battle for freedom...Tor,
soon joined by his trusty companions,
became know as........


from moi to ye,
for the active & free,

Download - print - wear in happiness
Me new attitude is straight from
Sheryl Crow,
and it 'tis
"All I wanna do is have some fun,"
and if ANYONE on this planet has earned that....'TIS MOI.

One score of years being mostly "Son," two mostly (and most joyfully) as Dad/Husband, onward to that one-way limo ride as
Of course, I'll always be Dad.

Mothers, lockup your daughters...your sisters...your still hot enough grannies and ye best lock

(or please - do not)

yourselves, too, 'cause Tor be on the loose.

With a new attitude one should, if possible, have a new power
here 'tis moi's...

Stay on groovin' safari,
Tor Hershman

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Eve of the Eve

Happy Halloween
Greetings, my Friends, ‘tis time for another, hopefully, wonderful Halloween.
  Here is a pic of this year’s Boo Bags with one of the bag's contents view-able.    The treats may vary a bit, but.....ALL are super delicious

Click  pics  to  enlarge

How do you dig Tor’s costume?
It’s the Painter Zombie.

Oh yeah, on Halloween moi enhanced the look with blue, green and red food-color on me legs & arms.
I have no idea WTF is goin' on with me foot in this photo.    It looks as if I had a sixth toe, which was removed, betwixt big and index toe.    Oh well, me big-toe...the yogi.
If you have any physical attributes that may enhance the look, such as a huge   (Not THAT)    chest-scar, it can add a most eerie ambiance.
Now, a few of me wee parody album covers.     I saw the Monster Ballads album jacket and, many moon ago, ‘twere inspired to create thus.....
So, till tomorrow, just sit-back, with your feet up and, hopefully, relax.
Moi almost forgot.    Here is this year's pumpkin.
Have a groovingly spÒÓky Halloween safari,   Tor
P. S.   I cobbled the World's Greatest Halloween Party CD for this eve with over 160 artists, 227 tracks & it's 12 hours 48 minutes & 41 seconds long.    It truly 'tis a major groove.
OH!  again, me latest YouTube video - spooky, yes?

U P D A T E   November, 02, 2013
Wheeling's first Zombie Walk took place on Halloween with moi as the only participant.   Heck, it was totally impromptu sooooo no one else knew about it.  Did ya ever do a zombie walk, 99.9% in character, for quite a-ways?   It IS a cardio-workout! 
  The response was phenomenal!   Cars, mostly from joy or the desire to snap a pic, stopped and/or pulled to the roadside.   Workers, smilin', laughin' and pointin', momentarily put-down their labors, cars and trucks honked repeatedly  [FYI Zombies do not respond to honkin'],  I saw more people smiling, ear to ear, in Wheeling than moi EVER viewed in a single day before Tor's Zombie Painter took to the streets. 
  Now, as with anything in our universe, there's gotta be "Some ONE or two," little doubt it 'twere a,  you know which Gang,  goofball...but, just south of WVNCC's B&O Building a cop car pulls to the roadside, others follow.   Anywho, after three Black & Whites and, at least, four police have a most interesting.....
(I informed those folks that Tor is NOT an ex-cop who's goin' to shoot-up the Federal Building - that happened here most recently.    'Cause of some, duh in noggin', 'twere ready to be arrested for celebrating Halloween.) with old Tor, I jump, give a big British Army salute and loudly ask  Sir! Permission to move on, Sir!?    I get no response sooooo I wish the officers a Happy Halloween and stagger onward toward the Almond Joy sellin' store.   All-in-all, 75% of the police were quite cool.   There were other, 98% wonderfully happy, encounters, too.   I counted, in a zombie voice "One paparazzi - two paparazzi...[etc.]," sixteen photos that were taken.    It 'twere a groovin' safari, indeed!