Wednesday, November 25, 2015


...& let us give thanks for this wonderful day
to catch some rays,
thank you thermonuclear ball of fire in the sky.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


TODAY ! ! !

BTW This was written over several days soooooooooo I'll be jumpin' around, a bit.
Oaky, are you ready?
Here goes.....
it is NOW officially so...
I have now,
@ the end of my life,
gone longer without having sex than
I did at my life's beginning.

Ain't that a hoot?

Now, I was not an early-bloomer,
I didn't have sex until out of high school.
I do hope,
in my next life,
that I will be well over six feet, with
beautifully groovin' curly hair,
baby-blue eyes
and a big dick soooooooo I'll be
attractive to the babes.

HEY! Wait a second......?????????

So, just about nineteen years ago
I decided that drinking was
no longer fun,
if ya ain't gonna drink - why smoke, too, and soooo I invented me wee,
ad hoc,

Pro-version Experiment
and then
@ the last moment
before beginning said experiment,
I decided to throw-in sex along with drinking and smoking to be extinguished.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
[ Even though the last two times, having sex, were SUPER fantastically fine humpin'.
The last time was an 'All-Nighter' and before an 'All-Nighter-&-Way-Past-Dawner.'

It was one of those times when I literally said "I'm glad there is no heaven because it could NOT be finer than this!" ]
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

So why stop?

Well, about 20 years ago MOOC
(When she was still WifeyWu)
announced, out of the blue, "Sex is no longer part of my life."


I understood that after an nasty miscarriage and beginning menopause, well.....that's a lot of changes to ANY chemical-processing-plant which is exactly what our bodies are.
However, one evening, about six months after THAT announcement, moi t'were fellin' mighty frisky and started in out on the porch.
Well, "In" on the porch... IN & OUT inside...and..... just about everywhere inside, too.
No objections were heard.
Not even one "No."
Nothing but EVERYTHING groovy till way past dawn.

A few days later, lovin' was once again magnificently marvelous...but.....not as GREAT as the time before.
I figured, "Why not go-out with a great memory rather than simply Grunt Grunt, which is what sex can turn into over time,
I added sex to my Pro-version Mad Scientist experiment.
Of course, drinkin' & smokin' ain't quite the same processes as sex do be.
Anywho, that's what happened. ]
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Meanwhile, back to what I wrote a day or two ago... ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^
We'll it worked, I slept for nearly four days.....
[ The 'sleeping' part of my most successfully completed experiment was NOT foreseen but excepted, too late then not to except it. ]
.....only rising to whiz and have some water, but when I awoke...
desire to smoke nor drink but sexual desire did creep back into my brain after my bypasses
ONLY pud pulling.
^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ Ya see,
being a clueless jerk
a form of self-defense AND it is also
much FUN
when a babe who has NO desire to do anything other than gettin' a dude all 'Hot & Bothered ' runs into a guy, even a geezer, who plays that Mind Game right back at 'em.
This situation has gotten me several
"WHO ARE YOU[s]?!?!?!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I just thought of this, I bet those two cutie-pies, the babes after The Party On The Paito, were sincerely interested.
Geeeee, Girls, I was completely SOAKED in sweat, been wildly dancing for nearly four should have offered me a shower, @ your place, rather than expectin' this old ape to do 'The (DNA Programed) Chase.'
If there are such future happenings, let's do try, @ least, a bit of imagination, okay??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Later I shall tell of Close Calls, Jailbait.
& THE most sicken-ly perverse reoccurring, totally depraved, dream any geezer may have ever had concerning a gorgeous young lady.
Anywho, I realized, a few years ago, that it had been nearly as long as after I came outta a womb (birth) without having gotten back into one,
why not go out and dance and have a ball.

Test yourself-control and get a GREAT cardio workout to boot. If your self-control fails, you get layed however there are not any babes that ill nor drunk. Well, at least none who didn't start talkin' marriage or "Sitting on god's right hand" or giants from The Bible or were just way too drunk/stoned A N D I ain't never, ever, never been that horny NOR stupid or predatory. I know, most guys want to get a girl pie-eyed as phuck but as I oft times say, "I ain't most guys."
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ You're lucky if they do, probably luckier if they don't[?]. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
WOW! This has become an
Amazon River Of Consciousness production. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
Welcome to online therapy 101 :-) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ HisTORy ___ When your Dad drops-dead, and you're only five years old, and many folks tell ya that "God needed your Dad in heaven" you, well T H I S little kid DID, set-off to discover just Why/How all those adults are such lying sacks of crapola AND is there ANYTHING, anything at't'all, out there.....anywhere?


Sooooooooo, before and surly after puberty, it was about Girls AND (as Douglas Addams wrote) God, The Universe and Everything. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Did I get "There"?

I don't know but...I may have gotten closer than anyone who EVER made it back and wasn't sittin', slobbering, in (What would "Only" appear to others as) a totally wacked-out daze, on up to the loony-bin.
That's why this old guy doesn't give a shit about Death.
However, there are a LOT of Ways Of Dying I'd not be fond of but Death itself...phuck..... it's less than nothing..... to the Dead, surly for sure...and some living; a few, perhaps all in the right situation, of we living will attempt to profit from anythAng...that ain't bad, it's just soooooooo DNAy.
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Such self-testing is MUCH more easily accomplished in your 60s rather than your 20s due to gettin' really old and creepy lookin'.
Methinks this is why classic Draculas have mostly been halfway decent lookin', when they were young, guys who still retain a wee bit of desirability/attraction BUT have the age grossness/pre-death spookiness about their bodies. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ PLUS, the people who hate myself DO inspire me to workout/dance harder/longer.
Oh, I truly dig the nice folk but never, NEVER, underestimate the value of an enemy.
As far as self-testing goes... I mean, if you're a diabetic and never go anywhere but the veggie mart that ain't no temptation...but.....if you go to the candy store, clubs, with hot babes, do be like a candy store to a guy who has, pretty much, only wanted to groove with pretty girls.
Oh yeah, I wanted to be the World's Wisest Philosopher since about the age of five, too.

I should've wanted to be a Truly Wise Philosopher 'cause you could be the 'wisest' human and still be quite idiotic.
Oh, back to babes in BabeLand.
I remember in kindergarten picking-out my, never spoken with her, 'girlfriend'.....and #2 girlfriend, also.

Anywho, Sex for moi 'tis a Big Deal in the context of a meaningless universe.

Perhaps this 4th Twenty Year Period, Four Score & Babes galore, will be a humpin' one though it seems most unlikely that a pattern of a lifetime will change BUT...this is the 4th score of years, who knows?

I am an old horny ape.

I may not go out to dance anymore, maybe more so.

We'll see, perhaps.

Okay, here comes the section where someone says,
"Most guys ___________"
to which I reply
"I ain't most guys."
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ My penis has only been inside two living faunas, (Unless you count my right hand) each being a human female with mighty fine breasts, and the second one would not have happened if not for.....ohhhhh, that's another story.
It can be inferred what would have happened if I were normal/average in my social-sexual adventures by extrapolating via my brother. My brother gave LOTS of money to many different divorce lawyers.
I am In The Black..... (Just for good ole honest work - never anything related to divorce/marriage) all my deals with divorce lawyers.
Anywho, how does it happen that a guy who has more or less only wanted to be with pretty girls, and find The Meaning Of Life, end-up ONLY humpin' two babes?
How does it happen that the world's most adored sexy female, who is famous, who is rich, who will/has humped at the drop of a hat... end-up all alone, with her head in the toilet, puking to death from suicide?

DNA is remarkably TWISTED, that's "A" HOW, indeed.

___________ ___________
Oh, there have been 'Weak moments' during my 'dance phase,' I have hit-on a few remarkably attractive AND tremendously talented ladies, online, but they have all had the good-sense to laugh it off and make sure I know that we are "Friends," messages understood. ___________ ___________
Every babe that has danced with me, in the past three years, has come up on the floor without having been asked.

BTW The guys who've come up, please don't bother.

One girl, really two, made an amazing impression on moi [Honestly, truly, really.... LOTS more than that] in the recent past.
AH, for Artificial Horizon, we'll call this one drop-dead gorgeous girl I shall now write of.
Now, AH firstly appeared before moi at an outside dance and that girl isssssssssssssssss one of the most fantastically beautiful phenomena I EVER viewed.
You could put her on a stage with 50 fashion models and your eyes would zero-in on her, THAT kind of beauty.

Anywho, @ the dance, me thunks to I-self,
'Not THIS again!' So I ask her
"How many dances did your boyfriend tell ya to
dance with the geezer?"
I get a
"What?" from her.
I retort,
"Your boyfriend told you come down here and dance with me, didn't heeeeeeeeeeeee?"

I get a sheepishly spoken
"He's not my boyfriend. He's my brother."

I go "Oh" and we dance a couple more numbers, she says
'thank you for the dances' and leaves.
A few months later, @ The Party On The Patio, boom...
there she be again AND she has NO reservation snuggling against,
a drenched in sweat, Tor for a selfie.

I do be doin' a big think afterwards.

A few weeks after that, I'm at a dance and hear "Tor!" I turn and 'tis AH. Now, I didn't realize this till later, during my analysis of the situation, but AH made me LIGHT-UP like Times Square. I trot on over, tongue-out tail-wagging, and I get a BIG ole hug. This surprised moi, greatly. I get a second hug and ain't surprised and DO hug back. Then...she vanished. I am perplexed and disappointed but the dance must go on.

So, weeks more and I'm at another dance, no one save moi on the dance-floor.

POW! I feel my hand bop someone on the, I figure, head.

I turn around to see if the person is hurt and say 'sorry' is AH.

NOW, now indeed, upon seeing that it is AH I light-up AND am greatly concerned that I may have injured her ...THEN, when I see she be okay...I again illuminate and give her a, feet off the ground, huge hug.

My entire brain had been activated on many levels.

She offers me a sip of her drink. I hadn't had a drink in about eighteen years but sip I DID. We left the floor and sat at the bar, talkin'. One of AH's girlfriends shows-up. AH mentioned something, methinks, concerning a ménage à trois which my wee brain, not quite able to process that, pretty much simply ignored it.

Now, before we went outside my po' old brain formulated this plan, I'd ask her to go on a walk, her friend would take-off, (The weather was beautiful) which would lead right in front of The McLure Hotel...well, you can guess the rest.

When we went outside, she took her beer with her. The bar's owner (employee?) came out and took the beer. I could not blame him; It was the bar's opening and something as that could get ya in trouble with The Law.

Anywho, she had a bit of fit.

Now during AH's wee fit my cerebral cortex, or something similar, yelled to the rest of my brain/body one word "R U N ! ! !" However, the rest of cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata & legs had NO intention of running and the only return thought in my brain was 'I'd love to lick her beauty-mark, for starters."

At this point, I ask if AH would like to go on a walk to which she replied, with a bit of a snip in her voice, "I don't want to go on A WALK."

Well, the last bit of blood still in my cerebral cortex prevented the rest of my brain from inquiring "Well, what WOULD you like to do [wink wink] ?" The rest of my brain REALLY wanted to ask that, too. It was a struggle not to have asked.

All of a suddenly sudden, AH declares that she's gonna leave with her girlfriend and we'll meet at the bar up the street.

I don't get offered a ride. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm?

Perhaps they figured I have a vehicle and realizing I don't would NEVER consider humpin' with a guy who does not own a car MUCH TO THE DELIGHT of divorce lawyers EVERYWHERE & at ALL times.

I wonder if I subconsciously understood this and that is why I sold both of my cars before moving way back west, hummmm?

At least one western babe didn't have any problem humpin a dude without a car, as long as you were tall.....and long, she was a tall/long fetish girl.

So, back to the AH story, I say "Before you get away THIS TIME I'm gonna give you a proper kiss."

I take her by the shoulders and made an amazing discovery, which was...AH can shut her mouth more tightly than the doors of Fort Knox.

She never showed at the other bar which was NO surprise.

A couple of weeks later AH's girlfriend was at a dance and made a point of coming over to tell me "You're fucked up!"

To which I leaned down and a said, after a most brief pause for reflection upon her comment and with a big smile on my face said, "Yes, I am."

_________ _________ _________ Ain't normal, never wanted to be.

When I was very young, and still believed in a God Thingy, a few times, after a trying day, I'd lie in bed and MOST sincerely praise the load [sic] for "...not making me like them."

Now, that's a snotty little kid. _________ _________ _________

So, allow moi to tell of the three babes I've fallen in LOVE with in my lifetime, so far.

The first situation you'll, no doubt, feel is most...age inappropriate.

She was thirteen years old. Of course, I was ten years young.

I was on a family vacation going down in an elevator at a park. Me mom, in the crowed elevator, informed me that my shoe was untied. It was too packed to bend over to tie it. Sooooo, I lifted my leg....but I lost my balance and had to catch myself. Me mom sort of yelled, "Tie you shoe." I said "I'll fall over." (It was a moving elevator) Then I felt this arm go around my shoulders...I looked over and this brown haired beauty said to me "I'll hold you while you tie your shoe."

She and I walked through the park together and that park was Ruby Falls and never was a finer place to FALL for the first time. 'Tis a magical underground spot.

We said bye, she left, we got in the car, the first song on the radio was Dean Martin singing "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime."

That song was a HUGE hit. It played for years on radio and TV and EVERY time, still - too, that I hear it I think, most warmly of, young Mary.

_________ _________ _________ Karen (now MOOC) was my second Falling. That last a very long time and considering how many 180s she pulled, a bit like be on the Enterprise with a horny Mr. Spock - directionally speakin' not biologically speakin',

[Vulcans be candy-asses - more on that later]

I've written much on that @ me wee blog, already.

Ya know, come to think of it, she was underage [She just shy of 18 and was recently over 18] however, I did think about her for several months before goin' to search for her in Morgantown.

BTW a happy divorce takes JUST as much work as a happy marriage and if you didn't have one 'tis highly unlikely the other can be achieved.

I mean, I'll always be in love with the girls I fell in love with and I'll always have great respect for MOOC (Though the girl I love has long since dissipated) though if not financially connected I'd have my own house. I'd like to keep this place, I lovey dovey it, and get her a mansion.

I may no usually be too spontaneous.

__________ _________ _________

Now, my third love.

I'll call her ERG (inspired by the project Exploration of Energization and Radiation)... that seems apropos.

So, I'm having an absolute ball & a half @ The Beatlemania Magic show when all of a suddenly sudden this remarkably calming & attractive young lady is dancing in front and along with myself.

ERG is the first person who ever had a direct answer to my question, "What's you favorite Beatle song?" with one title and NO hesitation.

I could tell that ERG was casting herself as the title character which made me terribly sad for it ain't the happiest song and she IS.....someone remarkably, splendiferously special... perhaps.....uniquely wondrous.

I figured ERG was, ohhh, a freshman in college.

Then two kids appear at her side. I ask if they are her children. "No, they're my brother and sister."

I, tryin' to un-mind my beauty boggled mind, give ERG another good look and decide she's a senior in high school, but surly 18 or she wouldn't be dancin' with a geezer.

We danced every dance till break when ERG asked, "Would you like me to come back after the fireworks?"

Now, to this I answered, "Yes, I'd like that very much."

I have never answered a question and felt soooooooooo "Normal" doing it.

Remarkably enough, did come back and we danced every dance together.

Now, during the dance I look at her and had an visual/mental epiphany the likes of which I never experienced unless under vast chemical enhancements and even then it was not more, and seldom as, fantastically, stunningly beautiful.

Here's how it looked. While I was gazing at her, all the surroundings froze in place and pinched-in, totally abstracted, in a multicolored votex around her body which became much more mature and unbelievably, fantastically, radiant beyond all the colors which surrounded her, beautiful as could be.

I was in love, blown-away, and told her how beautiful she IS but not HOW lovely she would be.

Have you viewed my 'white silhouette with colors around' image?

If you have, that is kind-a what I saw ONLY the white area was filled with a gorgeously grand girl.

I saw a photo where ERG is posing with some of her girlfriends...
pretty little girl, pretty little girl,
pretty little girl, pretty little girl,
pretty little girl, pretty little girl,
pretty little girl.....
...Goddess Of Goddesses ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

So, during the dance I lean in to ask her a question. ERG's eyes enlarge and she steps-back in terror.

"Okay," I says to myself, "she's been SENT."

A lot girls who've danced with moi have been sent.

Mostly by boyfrinds, some by the Religious Authority, others.....who knows?

Anywho, that totally magical dance ends, I take ERG's hand, thank her for the wonderful time, kiss her hand and Hi Yo Silver.....I'm gone.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh yeah, I had not kissed a girl's hand in AGES but she/that began a, short-lived, Hand Kissing Frenzy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As far as I was concerned I was going to have a wonderful memory, she wouldn't FaceBook me, and that would that.

A wonderful memory just like Ruby Falls.

Now, as I get to the top of Heritage Port's steps there are some folks who wanted to talk with me...we talk...then..... I feel a tap on my shoulder.

I's ERG. I light-up like Times Square on the 4th.

Then she says the words that every geezer who's been dancing the night away with a beautiful young lady truly WANTS to hear... she says... "Tor, this if my father."

Great Balls Of Fire AND Glory Be To Jerry Lee Lewis!!!!!

Just how YOUNG is she??? Is this going to be like when Jerry Lee's cousin got his pistol out? That is what I firstly thought but then I thought, all in a split-second, "Hey, I didn't start anything, falling in love is not against ANY law, only acting on it, [I would never, as far as I know, do that]

So I look at ERG's dad and say "Hello, nice to meet you."

Of all the things he could have said, what he did say was, "I have tickets for Beatlemaina next month at Wheeling Island Casino, how would you [I] like to go with me and my daughter?"

Me wee mind did be, 50 Megatons worth, blown.

Now, a few weeks before this I had gone and danced at The Temple Of Fate (as I call any casino) and the management..... they were most businesslike about it..... made it clear, not with words but with looks and body-language .....made it MOST clear that they did not appreciate anything which may distract someone from droppin' their, first or, last penny into a slot-machine such as a dancin' ape.

So, I made a vow to never go back there.

At that point, all I wanted to do was to get on up the street and catch the rest of dance there.

Now, how I figure it is this way... some folks wanted Tor ruffed-up one way OR the other and jailbait is a GREAT way to nuke a dude. Now, ya can't really get a guy with an underage girl in a bar without the bar gettin' into trouble, too. Soooooo, you get the geezer on over to The Temple Of Fate and continue workin' on his/its libido.

Now, awhile later I was at a dance on Wheeling Island and a hot babe calls me over to here table. Well, she just happened to work @ The Temple Of Fate. Interesting conversation, all in all.

One thing I DO want to say, IF this was a set-up those folks could not have picked a more gloriously wonderful being than ERG.

Oh yeah, I wanted to write about the most sicken-ly perverted, recurring, absolutely deranged dream ANY guy every had about a young lady.

So, here goes..... the dream opens with blindingly pure white light, then ERG and I are on a bed, there is not a shadow anywhere, everything is generating its own light, she is clad in sparking white and, as I lie next to her, she is holding, wrapped in, not a blanket but pure brilliance, our little baby. I TOLD IT WAS perverted to the extreme! I would never allow, as far as I know, such a happening ever to occur, EVER!!!!!!!!!

There's no fool ape like an old fool ape.

However, it IS a nice dream to wakeup with in your brain. It has been gone for quite awhile.

Did ya ever hear The Bealtes' song "There's A Place"? It's nice, almost always, betwixt me ears.

Anywho, that's that.

Oh, just how the 2nd babe I boned happened.

Okay, let's just say a situation occurred which required some research and that would, if my observation were correct, require, if only for my ego's protection, lusty lusting.

Anywho, all systems were GO.

Sooooo, then I had to find a babe to hump with. That was NOT too difficult @ that time.

Anywho, a girl informed me that this one babe had her eye on me. She was freaky for tall guys and since her divorce...tall weird guys.

She looked like a young Linda Ronstadt only with the kind of breasts, I'd seen her around and she never wore tight tops, DID have the figure that would/did make my brain go
when she peeled-off her top.

Big Uns, indeed.

I later found-out/heard that she had humped most of The Trailblazers. She loved tall.

Anywho, we spent a weekend together. Humped & humped & humped (she made steaks - more than once) and, though I'd didn't quite know how to take it at the time, she said, "I didn't know a guy could stay hard that long!"

No brag, just fact.

Wouldn't ya know it, my ONLY super-power and dag-blasted Science gives to any/every guy via Viagra.

So, I've banged one babe about 20 times and the other 3 or 4 thousand times. MOOC and me used to really go at it, a lot...for ages.

Methinks there may have been quite a few babes who wanted to get to know moi for MANY a girl, after we were talkin' for awhile, would get the most puzzled look on their faces when I'd say "Well, it's been nice talking to you, bye."

Could just be my testosterone soaked, ape ego.

I DO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love the female form, the function, well..... to shoot-out future-corpses like a bio-machinegun, I ain't a fan of that.

The negative part with the universe IS that Form (generally) Follows Function.

Not to mention, BAGGAGE!!!

Most often baggage comes from having found Him - The One True, forever & ever LOVE - divorce lawyers, and The Religious Authority, DO JUST LOVE unrealistic expectations. Gad, we're APES. Don't expect anything other than Ape mind games on This Planet Of Apes.

As I said before, my dealing with divorce lawyers have left me in The Black, ain't many guys can honestly say that.

Now, will I be going out dancing anymore? I don't know.

If I don't, that should make those folks who hate me..... I think they really dislike their selves for not having the nuttiness to dance with arms in the air any old where..... most happy for a few seconds. However, I've had some truly GREAT times and have met many amazingly groovy people.

Ahhhh, the two most FUN girls ever...YokoII and TM. TM was such fun, and she do talk a far-out game, I offered her the, once in a lifetime, chance to spend this weekend, starting with Friday, with moi. She, most wisely - no doubt, just ignored my offer.

Gad, considering just HOW long its been since I've embraced with passion a woman there many not be anything left of her afterwards, only a contented moan & giggle in the air. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I could write much more, but wha-da-hey. OH! This IS amusingly incomprehensible, yes/no.

__________ __________ __________ I surly for sure did use sexuality as a motivational tool to get me out for a good cardio-workout/dance.

Good gravy, before going out I'd get myself all hopped-up with the concept of meeting a hot babe and having groovy sex. I even bought, and carried one, a pack of condoms...Magnum, of course.

However, after the AH incident and I was, nearly totally, then 99.99%. sure I'd would make-it longer 'Without' than I originally had, I threw those prophylactics.....
(Bet ya ain't never heard that name for condoms before)

Now, is that all I had to say here @ this time?

Hummmmmm, pretty phuckin' incomprehensible anywho, huh?

Oh, considering HOW much fun I've had dancin' and that I was halfway, after having had my old ape arse run-raggedly the day before, ready to boogie Friday evening I'll - little doubt - be out shakin' it many more times.

Of course, after the AH experience I'm not sure I trust me old ape brain 100% anymore so I'll probably try and be careful.

Of course, also, no one gets out alive...WHY?


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yoko#2 & Tor

Tor & Yoko#2
(Vastly younger & sexier that original Yoko)
dance the night away the weekend before Halloween.
Click the FaceBook link for the video and DO listen to the GREAT Beatle tribute band, too.
Click FaceBook link, below, for video

Monday, October 26, 2015

One of the finest extended weekends in hisTORY!!!

Thursday Blackwater Falls State Park
Friday with Mean Mr. Mustard @ DOMS-Down Down On Main Street
Saturday @ 100 Acres Manor & The ScareHouse
(BTW always get the VIP/RIP passes - it's worth it)
Today I made sure that my cauldron runneth over & then ate an average dinner
of broccoli, some homegrown red sauce, cranberry sauce, black & raspberries with Blue Bunny Fat Free Fudge Brownie for desert.
This hast been a MOST sweet time,