Saturday, August 06, 2016

Tor's quite nice penis

If you DO NOT want to view
Tor's mighty penis then don't click
this link below

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tor Hershman : Bible Humper

Photo reenactment
of Tor Hershman @ River City Ale Works Banquets
being a Freedom Of Speech - Bible Humper which caused, at least,
two female and three male Religious Fanatics
to attempt to claw, rip and/or tear the book from
ole Tor's hands which...they 100% failed at doing.

I surely was happy to see that arm go around one of those
ape's neck 'cause I was in my stockin' feet and had no
traction and WAS being driven back but still holdin' fast to
the Book With The Cross....I had to, I wasn't finished humpin' it.....yet.
Soon a wave of Freedom Fighters joined the
Great Warrior For Liberty, who put the neck hold on the one ape, and they,
in glorious defense of Freedom Of Speech,
swept the moronic apes away...except for one who kept doin' some kind of slappy thing on me.

I still had a two-handed grip on the book so
I gave him a shoulder-bump to his chest...I don't think he enjoyed
Doing Unto Others when he was the Other.

I was soooooo naughty that I had to give myself a wee Bible spankin' before
I put the band's prop back on the stage.

There were also a LOT of hot babes that I danced with,
this pic is the HOTTEST/Sexiest most beautiful female that night,
and I heard
"I LOVE you!" & "You're the man!" more that night than any other
that I can recall.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It WAS 20 years ago today.....

Flight 800 TWA
sung to the tune of
"Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"

It was 20 years ago TODAY
the U.S. Navy blew the airplane away
full of good U.S.A. folk
they didn't have time to choke
then the Navy turned and sailed away
the fishes had a feast that day
sometimes the fish gets you
on the Navy/CIA/FBI menu.

It is sooooooooooooo amusing hellish here is Hell, @ times.
Sometimes the Navy blows it up,
sometimes the Navy gets blown up as with
The Maine...of course.....The Navy did both...
gotta spill some empire juice to expand those borders
and most of us do be enjoy at least SOME
fun stuff from those,
sun never sets on 'em,
borders, ehhhhh?

Check ONE OF the TWA Flight 800 documentaries

Friday, July 15, 2016

I've got the biggest.....

I have the biggest
cosmos plant that I have ever seen
and some mighty fine sunflowers, too.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When you're in Hell, don't mess with Satan...

Another of my
Creative Commons works,
I hope ya dig and make a few
posters for wall or ceiling or wherever.

Click it for Full Size image.