Saturday, May 21, 2016


If you truly believe that
Children are a Miracle From God
which is the title of my latest
Deviant Art masterpiece and,
as Ron Burgundy said
"Don't pretend that you're not impressed!"

It ain't the largest ever but could be
the most perfectly sized, formed & functioning.

Ain't that a humdinger (rheTORical question)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Mother's Day poem à la parody

M is for the madness which you ended with
O is for the orthodox crap you spewed
T is for the teats Baby Tor sucked milk from
H is for the hellishness you endured 'cause bypasses
weren't invented back then
E is for LIVE spelled backwards
R is for regrets, you had a ton...

...put them all together they spell
if Dad's penis had stayed outta your vagina
I'd have never of know the
chemical processes which is life.

Happy Being Dead For Forty Years Day,

Monday, May 09, 2016

3,500 miles

Put over 3,500 miles on the
vehicle during the two week
super, only local, vacation.

Now I gotta rest-up on regular vacation;
dancin' with waterfalls can take it out of,
whilst puttin' it in...too, you.

It was so groovy even Elsa's eyes were glowin'.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Your LOVE LIFE by nearest book

I found this and followed the instructions. Here's what I got.
"Hippocrates, the "father of medical literature,"
as he was called, was,
so far as we know,
the first man who practiced medicine as an art;
the following is a copy of the oath Hippocrates took."
"Back To Eden" by Jethro Kloss

Thursday, March 24, 2016

What old Tor has recently been into

Okay, my supper this eve
which consists of
my smoky molasses beans,
a spoonful of cranberry sauce,
mixed veggies,
[they ain't mashed taters]
covered in
mushroom/green peppercorn gravy,
mashed cauliflower
which is

I estimate this meal has
about 425 calories
and it's a full plate.

If you ain't never, ever tried
mashed cauliflower
you ain't ever tried it.